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Applying for the UK Teacher Recruitment 2023/24? What to Know

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The United Kingdom through the Ministry of Education offers Nigerian and other nationals opportunities to teach in priority subjects in the UK 2023/24 UK Teacher Recruitment Practice. The program is part of the UK Department for Education’s move to develop and support a fairer approach to awarding Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) to teachers in Nigeria and other countries.

Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) is a statutory requirement for teaching in many English language schools and is desirable for teachers in the majority of schools in England. The Teaching Regulatory Agency (TRA) is responsible for awarding QTS. They also award QTS for qualified teachers outside England.

The start of the UK Teacher Recruitment 2023/24 will be held with high priority so that applicants from Nigeria and other countries majoring in Languages, Maths and Science with a teaching qualification for ages 11-16 will have the opportunity to have their eligibility checked. To obtain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) for them to apply for the programme.

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UK Teacher Recruitment 2023/24 | Eligibility criteria

The UK Government through its education agency has highlighted that the award of QTS Foreign Teachers will be based on the assessment of an individual’s experience and qualifications against a range of requirements.

Starting February 1ststreetIn 2023, the award of qualified teacher status to a non-UK teacher requires that the applicant meet the following criteria:

  • Possession of an undergraduate degree of the same academic standard as a UK undergraduate degree, as verified by UK ENIC.
  • Must have completed teacher training which meets the criteria for a Level 6 qualification and is at least the same length as the initial course for teachers of English – eg, Bachelor of Education or Postgraduate Certificate in Education.
  • Completed a training course with practical and pedagogical focused content.
  • Be qualified to teach children between the ages of 5 and 16.
  • Have at least one academic year (minimum of 9 months including holidays but excluding time off for any other reason) of post-qualification professional work experience as a teacher.
  • You have the necessary professional status to be a teacher in the country where you qualified, and are not subject to any conditions or restrictions on your practice.
  • Meet a specific standard of English proficiency (eg CEFR B2 English Proficiency Level, IELTS SELT Consortium – 5.5, LanguageCert – 33/50, Pearson – 59, Trinity College London – Pass, PSI Services (UK) Ltd – Pass)

Other special requirements for Nigerian teachers include:

  • A qualification in teaching meeting a Level 6 qualification standard which qualifies the candidate to teach children aged 11-16 years in Mathematics, Languages ​​or Science.
  • The undergraduate degree consists of at least 50% in Mathematics, Science or a language (excluding English) taught in English country schools, eg: French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Mathematics and Science qualifications).

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Qt methods

There are 4 ways to gain qualified teacher status for teachers and trainees outside the UK:

  • Apply for QTS using our new online service
  • Apply for assessment only QTS
  • Apply for teacher training in England
  • Apply to train for International Qualified Teacher Status (iQTS)

Your eligibility for each track depends on:

  • where you qualify
  • your specialization in the subject
  • Whether you already have teaching experience
  • Your personal circumstances

Applicants with a Language, Mathematics or Science major and a teaching qualification for 11 to 16 year olds from one of the following seven countries will be able to use the service to check if you meet the requirements and apply for QTS in England:

  • Ghana
  • India
  • Jamaica
  • Nigeria
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Zimbabwe

When you apply for QTS in England, you do not need to: pay a fee to a training provider, undergo any additional training, or visit the UK. Over time this pathway will be open to qualified teachers from every country outside the UK.

Interested applicants may then proceed to Apply for QTS in England.

Visit the official website for more details

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