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How to Get Visa Extension Abroad After A Study Stay

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How to Get Visa Extension Abroad After A Study Stay: Many students want to know if they may extend their student visa after finishing their education. Indeed, it is the answer. Depending on where you want to study and the evidence you can provide to support your application, you may be eligible to apply for and receive a visa.

International students may desire to extend their student visas for a variety of reasons. The student may have been accepted into a programme of study that will require more time than the days remaining on their visa, or they may have filed for a professional certification that requires more time to complete than a standard study programme.
Similar to this, a student may want a visa extension if they are retaking an exam or experiencing

their research and/or study schedule lasted longer than expected. Typically, overseas students enrolled in doctoral programmes would request visa extensions if their research took longer than anticipated.

The aforementioned cases serve as a convincing example of how different personal demands will influence the justifications for extending a student visa.

How to Get Visa Extension Abroad

Applying for a visa extension is the only option to obtain one while overseas. The embassy of the country, the international office of your university or institution, and/or a special online portal of the immigration or visa granting authority are all options for doing this.

What you should Know Before Applying

  • When to start the application for the visa extension: Generally speaking, it is better to begin your application before both your current visa expiration and the start of your new course. Three months before to the event, begin the application procedure. The reason is that it could take up to two months for you to hear back about your application.
  • The validity of your passport for the extension: Let’s imagine that even though your student visa is set to expire in a year, your passport is due to expire in six months. It is preferable to apply for a shorter duration or to obtain a new passport.
  • Visa extension fee: It’s crucial to keep up with any price changes for extension fees. You might also need to pay a biometrics charge in addition to the application price. Make sure you ask in advance what fees will be required of you.
  • Required documents: The required documents must be present and in the format requested. The improper documentation could result in your application being rejected.
  • Visa extension qualifications: Before you begin your application, make sure you meet the requirements for the nation in which you wish to apply for a visa extension. Moreover, consult the university’s international office for guidance on visa extensions.
  • Method of application: Some nations allow you to start the visa extension application procedure online, while others demand that you do so in person. Find out how the nation where you are studying applies its laws.
  • Check other visas: In most situations, extending your student visa is the best course of action, but if you meet the requirements for another form of visa, switching to that one can be more advantageous for you.

NOTE: You may need to go to the government’s official website for immigration and visa information if you want specific and current information on visa extensions in your present country of study. Your university’s international office is where you can get further information on this.

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