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JOBS (101): Jobs for Students

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Jobs searching is important. Since the student maintenance loan now hardly covers housing costs, let alone all the other expenses associated with your course, such as food, travel, entertainment, and bills, it is no surprise that 76% of students work part-time.

Jobs for students

Freelancers Working Remotely At Home.

It can be challenging to balance a part-time job and your studies, particularly if your part-time job requires night shifts or long hours each week. After all, you are attending college to earn a degree, not to excel at shelf stacking and graduate with honors.

But with a little bit of luck and a thorough understanding of all the various jobs for students that are available, you might be able to find something that perfectly complements your studies without taxing your stamina.

There are many different types of part-time student jobs, and some of them can even be a great way to add some relevant experience to your CV for when you graduate.

Having a solo business

For a student, starting your own business or doing freelance work seems like the perfect solution, but it’s not as simple as it might seem.

Building something from the ground up requires time, effort, and developing a reputation for yourself, but if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, this type of work might be ideal for you.

Jobs for students

Delivery rider at dusk
A Delivery biker looking over their shoulder.

Create a blog or website of your own.

Do you have a hobby or a passion that you engage in for enjoyment and that you are really knowledgeable about? This might be the perfect topic for a blog.

You can turn your passion into a business and earn money from blogging by writing about a subject you are extremely knowledgeable about and truly love.

It’s simple to get started, but it takes time to gain a following and a solid reputation, so it’s not a quick fix to start making money.

working as a freelancer for others

If you have writing talent but don’t want to wait for your own blog to gain popularity, you might consider working as a freelancer for others.

There are many websites out there that list a wide variety of freelance opportunities that you can apply for. As a sole proprietor, you must register with HMRC, but doing so is free of charge.

Offer your services for less in the beginning to build up your portfolio, but don’t go too low because low cost doesn’t always equate to high quality.

Your ability to land jobs and increase your prices will both improve as your review count increases.

The top freelancer websites are,,, and

Along with writing jobs, you can find a wide variety of other freelance opportunities there. They are definitely worth looking into if you have any digital or creative skills.

You might find work as a freelancer in the following fields:

  • Translation
  • Transcription
  • Proofreading
  • Web or graphic design
  • Video creation or editing
  • Content writing
  • Virtual assistant
  • Photography

Earn money online while at home

These activities may not seem like jobs to you, but what’s the difference? You work and are compensated for it.

The only difference is that there is no contract and no assurance of consistent work, but occasionally that can be a good thing.

This implies that you can complete the work as you have time for it and stop when an essay deadline or an exam demands your attention.

Respond to surveys; research firms are constantly looking for respondents. Even though you only get paid about £3 per survey, it’s simple money because all you have to do is register a few pieces of information about yourself so they can determine if you fit the survey’s profile requirements.

There are many different survey websites, so register with several of them to increase your chances of receiving pertinent surveys. iSay-, Swagbucks, InBox Pounds, Nielsen, and Toluna.

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