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STUDENTS GRT(102): Grants and Scholarships for mature students

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In search of funding for older students? Mature students are those who are over 25 or who have been financially independent of their parents for three or more years.

Just like younger students, mature or adult students have the right to apply for government funding to attend university, but the amount you receive will depend on your unique situation.

The same package of financial aid is available to undergraduate students under the age of 59, but their household income will be determined by their own or their partner’s income rather than their parents’.

If you are 60 years of age or older when you begin your course, you are only eligible for a loan for tuition, not for living expenses.

Unfortunately, if you already hold a degree, you are not eligible to apply for a government loan for anything other than specialized professions like teaching, social work, medicine, healthcare, or dentistry.

It can be more difficult to finance a second degree, but there are literally thousands of smaller charities and trusts in the UK that provide grants for welfare or educational purposes.

You will need to determine which of them you might be qualified for because each one will have its own unique requirements.

You have access to an external database of more than 3,500 charities and trusts that provide grants for education as part of our member benefits package.

Additionally, there are more and more grants and scholarships available to mature students, most of whom are first-time enrollees. Here are some illustrations.

Age-Related Students Grant

£3,000 is available to Goldsmith’s College, University of London, students over the age of 25.

Access Entry Mature Students Bursary: Available to Royal Holloway students who are over 21 at the time of enrollment and whose household income is no more than £25,000. Worth £1,000 per year for each year of full-time undergraduate study.


Women’s Foundation for Careers

Female applicants must be UK citizens and over 21 (although younger applicants may be taken into consideration if taking courses in music or dance).
Applicants must submit a written application and S.A.E. to 2 Watch Oak Blackham Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN3 9TP.

Women’s Council for Education in Yorkshire

Women over 21 from Leeds and Yorkshire who are required to be accepted into a British university and who are unable to pay for it themselves.

Remember that just because you are a mature student doesn’t mean you won’t be qualified for some of the other scholarships that are not specific to a course or university and could be a second source of income for you.


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